Our approach and code of values

Our code of values

We want you to reap the rewards of a culture that promotes daily values and cultivates success. That is why all employees follow a set of code of conduct. These core values define how we interact with our colleagues and clients. They guide us when faced with challenging situations. They help us maintain a high degree of professionalism within our firm. These values also provide the foundation of French Tax Online.

At French Tax Online, you will receive a personalized service geared to your business needs.



Our company is one of the leading in the area. By combining the experience and energy of our staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention.

Our high standards, service and specialized staff make sure that every client is served by the competence of our whole firm.



Devotion in adopting consistent professional and ethical standards. We care about building long-lasting relationships with our clients and people we interact with. Our honest, professional and personal approach promotes an on-going open dialogue that builds mutual courtesy and trust with the individuals we work with. Close working relationships are at the heart of our effective service delivery.



At French Tax Online, we put the emphasis on the respect of our customers and of all the employees.

We treat each other with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences. We communicate frequently and with candor, engaging in healthy debate and listening to each other, regardless of position or level.



Customers who choose our firm rely on our fast and accurate advices and replies. Through hard work, our focus is on providing quick response.



Our firm’s reputation reflects the high standard we demand on ourselves. Our goal is to provide insightful advice to enable our clients to make best decisions.

Moreover, we feel it is extremely important to continually professionally educate ourselves to improve our skills, knowledge and service to you.



We believe innovation and a spirit of continuous improvement are engines that keep us relevant, vital, and growing.

We embrace innovation in all business areas including technological, structural or social. We proactively seek out innovative strategies to best support our clients, staying up to date and current on the latest tax laws, financial disclosures and accounting technology advancements.

Our code of values

At French Tax Online, we deliver professional services and we guarantee timely completion of your obligations.
We pride ourselves to deliver the best assistance, allowing you to focus less on paperwork and more on developing your business and your profitability.

Our firm believes that as a business grows and expands, so does its needs. Once your company grows beyond a certain point, you will need support in managing all aspects of it, and this includes financial management.
We also trust that even when your business is small, you should not skimp on having all the help that is essential for your success, such as accountants.

Although hiring an accounting firm to be a part of your team may seem like an added expense for you, it is one that you should consider as a necessary part of your operations. Remember that one mistake can spell the difference between financial failure and success. Therefore, this is not one for you to skimp on.

The support of an accounting firm can provide excellent benefits for your business, beyond just finances.
To take your business to the next level is our passion. Our trustworthy team are just driven about your business as you are. At French Tax Online, we do not limit our role to submit your tax return. We provide you with a wide variety of value-added services that will help you comply with up to date regulation, save money, reduce risk, manage growth and plan ahead.
Here is how French Tax Online can transform how your business operates for the better :

The aim of any business is to make sales and drive a profit. Any time spent not working towards this is taking away from reaching those goals. It takes many, many hours to calculate taxes and pay taxes, all without the confirmation that you have calculated them correctly. Especially when you’re still a small business, it can be very tempting to think and feel as if you can do everything on your own, without the need for accounting services. But, with all the other tasks that have to be accomplished in a day, you’re simply giving yourself too many obligations to perform.

One of the biggest mistakes small and new business owners make is in trying to manage all of their business’s finances themselves. They think that just because their business is small, they can easily oversee where their funds are going and determine an appropriate budget for their operations. However, this doesn’t always guarantee the best results. Sure, managing all of your finances yourself might be cheap or convenient, but one wrong decision can significantly affect your business in a lot of ways.

By outsourcing your taxes with French Tax Online, you can save time now and in the future by ensuring that your taxes have been calculated and paid accurately.

Outsourcing your financial services is the best way to save you time and money in the long run.

You can focus on building the business while your taxes are safely done by a firm. This means that with an accounting firm, you don’t have to wear different hats at the same time just to ensure that your business stays afloat. With their experience, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business’s finances are well taken care of.

At French Tax Online, you have access to the French government-approved, professional tax software.

We guarantee that your returns and estimates are prepared accurately and submitted securely.

We work closely with an IT engineer who ensure that our firm is compliant with GDPR rules. Moreover he constantly check and maintain our database and system to protect our customer’s personal data and privacy against loss and exposure.

When starting a business, you need to consider its legal structure and the regime which suit both your business’ and your needs.
Also, you have to take into account that before you even get started with all the legalities that come along in your business, you have to know precisely every single detail of what you are getting yourself into.

Since there are several structures to consider which will impact how your business runs and what you are responsible for, French Tax Online will help you make the right decision and advise you on the structure that would make the best fit for your business. That way, you are able to give yourself that higher assurance that you are not going to fail in your business. Business growth is better assured when you apprehend every complexity involved in running your type of business.

In spite of the added retaining expense that having an accountant is going to entail, it spells all the difference between success and failure regarding your tax obligations.

At French Tax Online, we assist you in making important decisions in the everyday running of your company, from declaration to communication with tax authorities.

Going even deeper, when you have an accounting firm to assist you along your side, it’s like having a financial advisor that’s ready to accompany you through all of the necessary decisions you’ll have to make.

When you run a company, finances is the priority for your business. Our team’s goal is to minimize your tax bill in a legitimate manner.

Expenses, allowances and tax relief can all be confusing. At French Tax we will guide you so that you know exactly what you are eligible to claim for could you save lots of money at the tax year end.