I am selling my French property and I will probably have to pay tax on the profit. Can I get an estimate of what the tax would be?

Since the beginning of 2004, when the deed of the sale is drawn up, it is the notary who must declare and pay (by deduction from the sale price) any possible profit tax on behalf of the seller.

If you sell your property for more than €150,000, as a non-resident, you are obliged to appoint a tax representative in France who undertakes to complete all the tax formalities (even if no capital gains has been made on the sale).

Please note that this is a service offered by one of our partners, French Capital Gains Tax. Their fee for this service is 0.598% (including VAT) of the sale price instead of the usual 1% charged by other tax representatives.

Visit their website for more information : www.french-capital-gains-tax.fr

Through this website, you can access to the latest information on French CGT (new assessment of the French CGT as of February 1st 2012), get an estimate of the amount of CGT you have to pay when selling your French property and a quote of their fees as a tax representative.

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