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Income Tax Return

If you rent a French property or if you live in France you have to submit an income tax return with our tailored made tool.

Income Tax Return Premium

If you rent a French property or if you live in France you have to submit an income tax return made by our expert team.

French SCI Tax Return

If you own a French property through a SCI company you have to submit a specific tax return every year whether you rent it or not.

What we do

As A Certified Chartering Accountant (ACCA) firm, we are licensed and certified to practice a large scope of accounting skills and work collaboratively across all kind of demands. This permits us the flexibility to provide our clients with a diverse range of financial and consulting services, from business planning and mentoring right through to tax accountancy and legal obligations.

Our team is dedicated to help your business reach its maximum potential. We offer our clients a complete range of services, that provides the support, skills and strategies a business needs to grow and succeed.

Our sectoral specialization

Our core business is:

  • Company incorporation: starting your own business is an exciting time in your life, however it is not without its challenges.
    We understand how stressful it can be to start your business. That is why we’re here for those who are opening their company and are unsure where to start and what is required.
  • Income tax returns for residents and non-residents to declare French source property income: French Tax Online puts a huge focus on assisting the payers with their legal obligation to submit their tax. We offer you a complete tax service managing your income tax liability from A-Z. We offer an adaptive fee structure so that you can benefit from a quality French income tax service in English which is in alignment with your needs and budget.
  • Real estate wealth tax returns (IFI) for residents and non-residents: your liability to wealth tax depends on a range of factors. French Tax Online, supports any person who is subject to this tax to declare their assets.
  • Advices regarding the choice of legal status: French Tax Online was founded and driven by passion to help businesses stabilize and grow with our expertise. We have all heard the cliché, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and we believe this has become so true. Indeed, the most successful companies are always those that have strategically created, implemented and defined a clear business plan. This includes tax planning, as it is not only important to ensure your business is in alignment with the standards and regulations but to identify areas for potential savings and minimize payments where possible.