Company incorporation

Starting up a new business can be a stressful time for clients who are unsure where to start and it is important that it is done properly to avoid costly mistakes.

French Tax Online has tailored a service to clients who are starting a new business to walk them through the start up process. This starts with a complimentary initial consultation to discuss the client’s plans, goals and requirements.

Choosing this service is alleviating the burden of stress, anxiety and apprehension of French rules, regulations and bureaucracies from your shoulders. Indeed, we handle all the formalities in French on your behalf.

company incorporation

How can French Tax Online help you fill in your company incorporation ?

If you wish to run a business in France, you are obliged to become business registered. It does not matter that you may already own a company in another country

Our start up business package includes :

  • Discussion with clients on the appropriate tax structure. We advise you on the most appropriate regime to choose ;
  • Point out the date your activity has started;
  • Completing all the required documents and formalities in French ;
  • Communicating with commercial court administrative service of the town where the property is located.