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As such an SCI has some tax obligations to fulfill.

French Tax Online can assist you to complete the tax declaration for your SCI.

All you need to do is to register and to create your online account for your French company.

You will receive your access codes by email and you will thus be able to access your personal file whenever you want to.

Start now

From your personal account, you will be able to access our online forms in English to complete the annual tax declaration of your SCI. Our fees for this service are :

  • €289 if the SCI has no renting activity (and does not plan to have any rental activity in the future)
  • €349 if the SCI has or will have (in future years) a renting activity.

If you want to start the process of completing the tax form but you do not have all the information, this is not a problem. You can start completing the online form and come back later to fully complete of the form.