Income tax return


At French Tax Online, clients can choose an accounting package that best suits their requirements at very competitive prices.
Indeed, unlike the majority of other accounting firms, we are not happy with just lodging your annual tax return. We want to be an active partner in our client’s journey of business success.
That is why we propose both “standard package” and “premium package" which offer you painlessly support to navigate through your obligations.
One with an online application and the other with the help of our expert accountant and made to measure service to support you through the maze of French tax system and its obligations.

Basic Premium
You have access to our easy, reliable and secured tax software in english for all the furnished and unfurnished properties.
We prepare your tax form: "liasse fiscale"
We submit securely your declaration to French authorities as soon as we approve your approval.
You don't have to deal with post or tax office!
We provide you with what you have to pay or what you will get back; you will know your exact tax liability or what tax rebates should be due to you.
You submit us all your documents related to your revenues, expenses, mortgages...and we control the consistency of the declared numbers.
Save time and ressources: you outsource your taxe declaration and we manage everything painlessly on your behalf so that no bad calculation affects your business and involve your responsability and obligations.
Complete tax service: we manage your income tax liability from A to Z.
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Running a business in your home country can be daunting enough but setting up an activity in a foreign country can be hard work, particularly if you do not have time, language skills or financial skills.

Moreover, it is no secret that the French tax system is complex, dynamic and volatile. Due to its intricate nature, an expert is often required to translate taxation and aid in preparing tax returns.

On top of that, French Tax authorities often change what is expected regarding the declarations and obligations depending on the business’s structure and income. Consequently, tax accountants are often sought for their expertise and ability to navigate these requirements.