Personal tax return

Who needs this service ?

You need this service in the following cases :

  • You are not a French tax resident but you have at least one French source of income. (French rental income, French pension, French salary, French dividends,...) In this case you must declare this to the French tax office and pay French taxes on these sources of income.
  • You are a French tax resident : in this case you must declare your worldwide income to the French tax office, even if you do not have French sources of income. Don’t worry about this : declaring taxes does not necessarily mean paying taxes ; indeed France has signed numerous tax treaties all around the world and double taxation is avoided in most cases.

What do we offer as a service ?

  • Assistance in the collection of relevant information and necessary documents to prepare your declaration.
  • Calculation of revenue categories: comparative fixed costs/actual costs, property revenue, industrial and commercial benefits (BIC), non-commercial benefits (BNC) etc.
  • Optimisation of tax reductions and credits (interest on loans, rental investments, services to individuals, maintenance allowances, expenses related to elderly care, sustainable development expenses, donations etc.).
  • Completion of administrative forms (2042, 2044, 2042-C etc.).
  • The calculation of tax and social security contributions.

2023 Personal tax deadlines

  • May 23rd : Non residents of France + department 1-19
  • May 30th : If you declare for the first time (paper return) + department 20-54
  • June 7th : Department 55-976

If you want to learn more about French taxes, please read our article "French income tax"