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You have an SCI

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prices available on personalized quote for corporate tax option as additional forms are created by an accountant.

Why use our services?

Running a business in your home country can be daunting enough but setting up an activity in a foreign country can be hard work, particularly if you do not have the time, language skills or financial skills.

Moreover, it is no secret that the French tax system is complex, dynamic and volatile. Due to its intricate nature, an expert is often needed to translate taxation and assist in the preparation of tax returns.

On top of that, French Tax authorities often change what is expected with respect to returns and obligations depending on the business structure and income. Therefore, tax accountants are often called upon for their expertise and ability to navigate through these requirements.

How it works.

  1. Create or log in to your account;
  2. Complete our online form and submit it to us thanks to our simple, reliable and secure tax software in English;
  3. After your online tax submission through our software, our experts verify the consistency of your data;
  4. We send you your PDF declaration by email for approval;
  5. After your signature, we submit it electronically to the French tax authorities;
  6. We send you your liasse fiscal: we indicate what you have to pay or what you get back; you will know exactly what you owe in tax or what tax reduction you should get.