The real estate fiscal representative in France

Selling a real estate property in France may require the appointment of a tax representative. Designating a tax representative is mandatory in the following cases :

  • The sale price is higher than €150.000
  • The property is owned for less than 22 years
  • Independent of the amount of added-value a fortiori in case of loss of value

On the other hand, there are automatic exemptions for the designation of a tax representative in the following three cases:

  • When seller is domiciled, established or constituted in a member state of the European Union, or in any other state party to the Agreement of European Economic Area, and with which France has signed certain conventions covering administrative assistance (such as Island and Norway).
  • For sales whose price is lower than or equal to €150 000. This threshold is calculated in accordance with the seller.
  • For sales that are exempt from added value with regard to income taxation and social charges its depends on the length of time you have owned the property (22 years for income taxation and 30 years for social charges).

What do we offer as a service ?

As a tax representative, our responsibility is to calculate your capital gain, or loss, and will remain liable for any tax audit that might happen thereafter hence the fees can seem high if you have not been through this process before.

We are covered with both an insurance against any tax audit risk plus a financial guarantee as part of the service to our clients, both of which are required by the French tax office.

Other value added services we can offer is an introduction to a LUMON who are the French Property Currency Specialist

They have in-country bank accounts and a bi-lingual dedicated French team to make the process much easier and dealt with over 550 different Notaire offices last year alone. They offer a very personal, tech enabled service which a lot of our clients have seen benefit in when trying to achieve the best euro rate of exchange.

You can reach their teams on either 0044-1494-422-267 or +33 (2)56 879 934. Read more here

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